Week 3 – Korean: Korean Oven Fried Chicken


I have admittedly very little familiarity with Korean food. In doing the preparation for this recipe, Tony and I headed to our local Asian Market to scope out some Gochujang; a red chili paste, that seems to be the base of a lot of Korean recipes.

We wandered the aisles for a good half hour before he stumbled on it hidden at the bottom shelf snug in between some soy sauce. Without him, I would have given up on ever finding it. Actually I kind of did, and mostly just stood around thinking about what I was going to eat later that night. Don’t shop when hungry, folks.

A baked method to “fried” chicken? I was skeptical. I’ve made some baked substitutions in recipes with chicken that just didn’t hit the spot. But jesus, this came out amazing! The chicken came out perfectly crusted and delicious, and the sauce combination was to die for! I can’t wait to make this again, and the method for creating faux-fried chicken is something I’ll definitely be trying with other recipes. We created this with a combination of thighs and drumsticks.

On the side, we threw together a simple Korean sauteed spinach salad that was shoveled in between mouthfuls of chicken.

Try not to make this in a kitchen with a much-too-sensitive smoke alarm, or at least make sure you have a partner who can stand in front of it and fan it with a towel, while you eat the chicken… the delicious delicious chicken.

Recipes courtesy of Just as Delish and here.