Week 4: Inspired by Music: I Will Play for Gumbo


As I sit here and type this entry, Tony and I are listening to the song we based our recipe on for the first time. What can I say, we chose the song based on what we wanted to cook. Did I have to confess this? No. But now I see it’s not a great song, or at least not our taste so… I have to make it clear we aren’t hardcore Jimmy Buffett Fans. Or even marginal fans. We just wanted some gumbo.

We have little familiarity for Creole cooking, so this was a nice change for us. We also learned what a roux is, in the context of Creole cooking, and the flavour and richness it adds to the final product was fantastic.

We substituted chorizo for the andouille because we our  grocery store apparently considers andouille too exotic for purchase. It can be hard to find certain items, like that, outside of speciality stores.

Here¬†is the recipe we used. I look forward to trying to creole seasoning on it’s own with chicken sometime. Rather than serving it with rice, we went with the fresh french bread option. This meal was a huge success!