Week 6: Spicy – Spicy Meatballs with Eggs & Yogurt


About 95% of the dishes Tony and I attempt are spicy. Usually when I have my back turned, he likes to add some kind of spice¬†concoction¬†for flavour. I don’t mind, but let’s just say we’ve had to consume a dish or two that has brought tears to our eyes. A box of kleenex is a permanent fixture for our meals.

This dish had a mild kick, no where close to what we’re used to. But that could easily be remedied with adding another hot chili or two. Also, our product turned out looking nothing like the original; it was still delicious, but we can’t help wondering something went wrong. I had high hopes. Oh well!

Also we had to use beef for the meatballs because ground lamb was no where to be found. Too bad! I hope we can use some lamb in the future (Mmm, lamb shanks!)

Recipe can be found here.