Selected Projects

No Place like Gnome!

No Place Like Gnome!

A boardgame that reveals the troubled trials garden gnomes face in the pursuit of freedom. Read More!

Interior/Exterior Cartographies

Interior/Exterior Cartographies

A project focusing on the emotional and physical pathways of traveling through two distinctly different cities. Read More!

Global Youth Assembly 2011 Website

Global Youth Assembly 2011

A website created for the 2011 conference focusing on issues of Water and Human Rights. Read More!

The Designer

I'm dedicated to learning for life. Whether that means investigating new web design principles, reading up on theories of the mind and what makes us human, or attaining the perfect deadlift form. Design is more than just graphics and pixels to me, it's what drives me to always discover the new.

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My Work

Design is about fostering a connection between users and clients, and that takes more than witty jargon and subtle drop shadows and bevels. My work aims to possess an element of storytelling through bold illustration & clean typography.

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